How do I pay for the product?

To pay for the product you have selected, simply fill in the ClickBank Secure Payment Form with your payment details and add your email address.

What are the payment alternatives?

You can choose to pay using your Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International, American Express, Discover or JCB card.

Is this page secure to add my credit card details?

Yes, this payment is secure. ClickBank is a powerful online and e-mobile platform that manages digital products, with six million clients and distribution in 190 countries. It is used by entrepreneurs everywhere due to its trusted and secure manner of handling business.

What will my bank statement show after this purchase?

We guarantee your privacy. Your bank statement will show a charge from ClickBank*COM. The name of the product you bought will not be listed on the bank statement.

How long does it take to receive my product after I paid for it?

After you pay for your product, you will automatically receive an email from ClickBank Customer Service. If you buy more products, you will receive an email for each of them.
In this email you will find your payment confirmation, as well as the link to Download or Access Digital Product.


What happens if the product I bought doesn’t suit me / I don’t want it anymore?

If, for any reason, you are not happy with your product, you can ask for a refund. You can simply do this during the next 60 days following your purchase. The vendor and ClickBank guarantee for this refund.

Is there any way to get help with my problems regarding the purchased product?

A team of well-informed customer support agents is at your disposal. Simply write us at Click Here, and you will receive an answer for your question in no time!
If you have any concerns about the protocol, if you face a technical difficulty or simply need to talk to someone who can give details about the product and is entitled to give references on your product, write us an email.
We strongly advise the buyers to read the entire eBook, to print it and to take notes regarding the protocol. If you find any unclear details, write us to the address above to help you.

How can I ask for a refund by myself?

In the first 60 days after your purchase, you can ask for a refund no matter what your reasons are. Simply go to this link Click Here

Enter your order number (the one you received in the confirmation email when you bought the product) and the email address you used when you paid for the product and click submit.

You will then see the details of your order. Click on “View Details” button corresponding to the product and then on “Get Support”. When you are being asked what problems are you having, click on “More Options” and check “Refund Request”.
Click on “Send” and that’s all. In a matter of days, ClickBank will return your money and send you a refund confirmation email.

If you are facing difficulties filling in the refund form, ask for help at: Contact us